Did You Know?

That podcast is the most effective way 
to establish yourself as the legit expert in your field? Not only that, it will also...

Gain you followers, 
attracts quality leads, 
and most importantly, 
land you with consistent sales.

You've Heard About PODJECT, So What Is PODJECT Lite All About?

  • A fast-track training for aspiring podcasters that lives an on-the-go lifestyle

  • PODJECT Lite will cover two important features that you need to launch a successful podcast in just 5 CLASSES

  • A live webinar by practitioners in the field -- where you can ask your burning questions as you go

  • An affordable alternative to a holistic program

So you have been thinking on embarking on a new skill but...

Only thing is, these negative whispers keep holding you back:

"I don't even know where to begin..."

“The tech aspect of it scares me…”

“Who'd listen to me? I'm nobody...”

“I’m already late to the party. There’re tonnes of podcasts out there…”

"I just don't have the time..."

If you echo any of these sentiments,
let's have a chat...

Hi! We're Common Space -- 

A boutique, not-for-profit, co-working space in sunny Singapore. 

We've been following the exciting development of the local podcast scene this past one year. No doubt, podcast IS the big hit in Singapore’s digital content creation!

We admit we've been bitten by the FOMO bug. Armed with nothing more than a YOLO spirit, we've decided to jump into the bandwagon and add more vibrancy into the local podcast scene.  

What has a co-working space got to do with podcasting? Honestly, nothing.

But one thing we know: for every local podcast that enjoys chart-topping success today, there are many others that are struggling and still in search of their big break. If you happen to be one of them, we are here for you.

We note the lack of structured training available for these podcasts. In fact, many of you get by through lots of trial and error.


We noticed how some of you:

  • Invested in top-of-the-line equipment, only to lose steam a few months down the road.  You couldn’t keep up with the technical demands of productions

  • Lost your listeners due to your inconsistency in content publishing, blaming it on the premature dry-up of your content well

  • Continuously produce good content but struggle to gain greater exposure and audience. This left you with no strong numbers to show, to attract advertising opportunities

  • Dwell in frustration and denial, producing less than great content but hoping for that jump in number of listeners

Regardless of whether you're a struggling or aspiring podcaster, we have one message for you: Things do not have to remain this way.

So how exactly can PODJECT Lite guide you?

It's a one-stop solution for a fast-track podcast training.

In fact, it is the only solution you'll need to launch a killer podcast that will:

  • Teach you to fully understand the concept, industry and types of podcasting

  • Help you to develop your channel with critical skills of perfecting your flow and script writing

  • Show you how to monetize and garner sponsorships for advertisement on air

  • Guide you with the pre and post marketing by telling your story on the different social media platforms

And all that at SGD40 per class*!

*To commit to 5 classes.

PODJECT Lite is The Express Workshop for Fast Track Learners; Without Compromising Quality

Invest in only 15 hours in total, to pandemic proof your wallet.

Our Line-Up of Modules & Trainers

Our trainers are successful industry practitioners from the 
mainstream and new media industry as well as the business industry:

Module 1:
The ABCs of Podcasting
Co-hosts, The Good Life podcast

Over 100,000 downloads across all episodes
14,000 followers across Spotify & Apple Podcast

Module 2:
Story Telling with
Digital Marketing

Founder, Nimble Marketing Consultancy

Digital marketing maven with extensive track record in educating entrepreneurs to build profitable online businesses


Through these 2 modules, you will:

  • Master the technical skills of producing a podcast of excellent sound quality; from recording, to editing and eventually uploading

  • Continuously craft captivating podcast content with strong story angles and perfecting your script

  • Quickly build your podcast audience via effective social media marketing story telling during pre-launch & post-launch promotion

  • Monetize & strengthen your podcast as a viable business platform that generates profit

  • Over 15 hours of live online training

  • Complete within 4 weeks; 5 classes

  • 4 Wednesdays and 1 Saturday

  • Training Period 18 Nov - 12 Dec 2020

  • 7:30pm - 9:30pm

  • 2 in-depth modules

  • Trained by 2 proven industry practitioners

  • Comprehensive course workbook

  • Exclusive life-time access to all recorded training  

Heavily subsidised price offered exclusively in PODJECT Lite


*Price is before 7% GST. 

Sign up now and enjoy SGD20 off!

Key in 'EARLYBIRD20' at check out -

limited to the first 10 sign ups! 

It Takes a Village to 
Groom Successful Podcasts

PODJECT Lite is made possible because of the support from these agencies

Still Undecided?

We totally understand. All those results we spoke of earlier probably seem impossible and far away at the moment.

You may still be wrestling with doubt right now. Or overwhelmed with dilemma on whether to sign up or not.

Let us break it down for you –


Because the reality is, launching your killer podcast and achieving those lofty targets is simply just a series of steps...which we will guide you through.

Let’s suppose, you do sign up and make that payment today.

You turn up for the online webinars, complete the tasks asked of you and actively hone your skills -- inching yourself closer and closer to your goal of becoming a skilled podcaster.


5 classes later, you're off to launch your podcast -- 
with us still around to proudly witness your baby steps!

By then you'll be producing captivating content consistently...

...which leads to increase in loyal listeners...

...which then leads to you attracting quality leads...

...which probably would put you in a prime position to close sales consistently...

...and the cycle repeats...

In no time, you'll find yourself impacting others and generating revenue!

The good news is, all those guided steps 
start right here – with a click of the button below.


Guthrie Building 

150 Changi Road 


S (419973)


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