5 Tips to a Productive Work-From-Home | Tea Time With Amee Recap

Hey everyone,

Here is the latest recap! I talked about 5 tips for a productive work-from-home schedule. I hope this helps boost the quality of your work!

1. Have a physical checklist or to-do list when you start your working day; having a mental checklist will only cause you to forget so don't risk it!

2. Invest in a proper work station within your household - just make sure you have a corner of the house to yourself when you're in working mode. This will train your body to understand that work is needed once you are in place.

3. Have and stick to your designated break time. Your body, tummy and mind will thank you for it.

4. Practice eye exercises every 50 mins. Since working from home requires more screen time, don't forget to be more caring towards your sight. Google and Pinterest have excellent infographics on how to do eye exercises, GO FOR IT!

5. When working, wear your work clothes. Don't be in your pajamas. This will cause your mind to associate night time with work and vice versa. Now we don't want that do we?

And that's all I have for now.

Til then, stay safe and well!

x, Ameerah

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